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1960s Fashion

1969 Fashion

1969 Fashion and Vintage Clothing As the year began skirts rose higher than ever — many were no more than elongated tops that barely covered ladies’ bottoms; as 1969 ended, the maxi coat and dress were trailing along the ground. The last months of the year saw a rash of …

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1968 Fashion

1968 Fashion and Vintage Clothing Spring, 1968, saw ruffles everywhere—about the neck and wrists and often around the hem as well. Early in February, America beheld a pale-blue coat worn with a white cotton shirt heavily ruffled around the high, banded neck, the wrists, and down the front. From that …

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1967 Fashion

1967 Fashion and Vintage Clothing At the beginning of 1967 the cage, the shift, the tent, the cocoon, anything that hid the body and revealed nothing, were still in evidence. And then in the spring collections in America, belts reappeared with a vengeance: a four-inch span of leather from Norman …

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1966 Fashion

1966 Fashion and Vintage Clothing It was in 1966 that the U.S. at last realized itself to be the reigning influence in fashion in the world. This was a staggering idea for a country whose designers had bowed in obeisance to Paris since fashion’s very beginning. Suddenly, America was the …

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1965 Fashion

1965 Fashion and Vintage Clothing The year 1965 was the year of Andre Courreges—the year when the small, neat man got his message (small, neat clothes) across not only to the very few who could afford them, but also to women and girls of every size, shape, and income in …

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1964 Fashion

1964 Fashion and Vintage Clothing From the beginning of 1964 until its end, women, whether fashionable or un-, rejoiced—for it was a year of evolution rather than revolution in fashion. The wonderfully tailored clothes that had prevailed during the previous year still looked wonderful, and there were interesting additions to …

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1963 Fashion

1963 Fashion and Vintage Clothing The year 1963 started off as the year of the little nothing, day and night. Understatement was the key in everything from hairdos to fitting, from jewels to pumps. The well-bred look was the look to strive for, and if jewels were not real, they …

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1962 Fashion

1962 Fashion and Vintage Clothing In 1962 American women were be-ginning to realize that they could not all look like Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy. American designers helped to soften the blow by creating such flattering clothes and in such a profusion of shapes that women no longer desired to imitate the …

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1961 Fashion

1961 Fashion and Vintage Clothing American women spent half of 1961 aping Mrs. John F. Kennedy (q.v.) , from her short, crisp hairdo through her underfitted suits and dresses to her classic, stalwart-heeled pumps. An elegant young woman’s subtle taste and unique style were distorted and sold to grandmothers and …

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1960 Fashion

1960 Fashion and Vintage Clothing At the beginning of 1960, the American woman was dressing in the manner of the 1930’s. Strict, well-tailored suits were de rigueur for day wear. For evening, she wore either the same strictly cut suits in de luxe fabrics or slinky, bias-cut crepes. . Her …

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