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1960 Fashion

1960 Fashion and Vintage Clothing At the beginning of 1960, the American woman was dressing in the manner of the 1930’s. Strict, well-tailored suits were de rigueur for day wear. For evening, she wore either the same strictly cut suits in de luxe fabrics or slinky, bias-cut crepes. . Her …

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1957 Fashion

1957 Fashion and Vintage Clothing At the beginning of 1957, American women were still under the aegis of “My Fair Lady,” and although the clothes in the shop windows were not doubles for the Edwardian costumes on Broadway, the same pale, delicately blurry colors and nostalgic feeling were used. Black …

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1956 Fashion

1956 Fashion and Vintage Clothing American women began 1956 dressing like the Empire and ended it dressing like the Edwardians, due to a new fashion influence—the theater. Clothes at the beginning of 1956 were very slim and elegant, all line with very little detail. The Empire figure, with its small, …

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1955 Fashion

1955 Fashion and Vintage Clothing American women dressed better than ever in 1955. They could afford it—prosperity seemed to be here to stay, and clothes reflected it. If a woman did not own a mink coat, she owned a Borgana one (a new, furlike blend of Orlon and Dynel, quite …

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1954 Fashion

1954 Fashion and Vintage Clothing At the beginning of 1954, every American woman worth her salt was holding her breath—not in anticipation but in order to look her best while wearing the fashion of the year, the molded princess dress. Started in Paris by Dior the preceding year and continued …

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1953 Fashion

1953 Fashion and Vintage Clothing A reflection of the lives we lead, fashion is influenced by economics and emotions. It has been said that by examining the fashions of any period, one can tell more about the lives of people—their economic standards, their way of life—than in any other way. …

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1952 Fashion

1952 Fashion and Vintage Clothing Many fashion changes and successes in 1952, as usual, reflected the economic situation. This year they reflected high living costs, high taxes, and a retrenchment in spending by every family in its clothes and especially in its household budget, despite high wages, higher savings bank …

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1951 Fashion

1951 Fashion and Vintage Clothing At the turn of the year 1950-51 the dominating silhouette was the slim-skirted or sheath dress and the so-called tent or pyramid coat. In February top Paris designers like Dior and Fath again emphasized a revolutionary change: the full skirt, even in suits; and it …

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